The Problem: Identifying gaps in quality and compliance

Hedis Management

Midwest Health Plan used our HEDIS solution to implement year-round compliance tracking and analysis. The plan proactively identified quality issues well before the NCQA submission deadline and engaged members and providers in its quality improvement processes. The year-round efforts resulted in improved compliance across the board. The plan raised its NCQA ranking and gained a competitive advantage in the Medicaid Managed Care Market. To learn more, read the Midwest Health Plan Case Study


  • HEDIS Reporting

    Our NCQA-certified software features retrieval and abstraction capabilities that set the standard for efficiency...

  • Record Abstraction

    We provide thorough record coding and abstraction services to ensure that all appropriate diagnoses are identified...

  • Record Retrieval

    A key factor to the success of any plan’s Medicare Advantage services includes audit, documentation, coding and...

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