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Provider organizations are moving steadily into value-based healthcare delivery and payment programs. But successful risk management is as challenging as it is essential. The stakes are high. Verisk Health can help.

Proven Impact

Verisk Health’s Population Health Analytics solutions help provider organizations understand and mitigate clinical and financial risks. Our track record of success in managing multi-payer claim sets and other clinical data—we process approximately three billion claims files per month for an extensive array of purposes—allows ACOs and other risk-bearing providers to create a true longitudinal record across many settings of care.

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Advice for Your Journey

With the steady uptick in value-based healthcare delivery and payment programs, provider organizations need to simultaneously balance meeting the demands of "business as usual" with learning and applying new capabilities that, at times, are at odds with familiar ones. It's a journey with plenty of opportunities to get sidetracked. You're going to need help, but how do you find it in a market crowded with options?

Our infographic has some helpful (and fun) advice to help you avoid some common potholes on the road to value-based care.

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Unmatched Insights

Provider organizations that have taken the lead in risk-based contracting know they can count on the systems payers and employers have successfully used for decades to assess healthcare value. For more than 20 years, Verisk Health’s risk adjustment and predictive modeling solutions have proven their value to the nation’s largest health insurers, business application integrators, commercial and Medicare ACOs, reinsurance companies, and leading academic research institutions.

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A Trusted Partner

For decades, Verisk Health has been focused on data management and analytics. So we can truly lay claim to broad and deep risk management expertise—expertise we share with our clients to ensure they garner the necessary insights to design and refine high-impact population health management strategies. Your success is our top priority. We listen to and learn from our clients, forming the foundation for long, collaborative, and productive partnerships.

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Superior Predictive Power

Part of healthcare’s DNA for 20 years, DxCG Intelligence is at the core of all Verisk Health Population Health Analytics solutions. The gold standard in risk adjustment and predictive modeling, DxCG Intelligence analyzes and helps manage the clinical and financial risks associated with caring for populations.

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Easy, Actionable

Provider Intelligence puts the DxCG Intelligence risk adjustment and predictive models to work within a solution that also:

  • Integrates additional data sources into a single, comprehensive application, delivering critical population-, member-, and provider-level insights
  • Supports areas such as quality improvement, performance management, and out-of-network healthcare usage
  • Puts tailored answers at your fingertips with simple ad hoc query functionality
  • Facilitates communication with easy-to-digest, graphical reports

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Healthcare Fraud Detection

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